The Paulinskill Valley Chronicle

All about how we got here...

   There’s a new face in town and it comes to you courtesy of some old, familiar faces! The Paulinskill Valley Chronicle may be in its infancy, however, the people behind the paper are just some old friends who are well known around town. As Owner/Managing Editor, myself, BeverlyAnn T. Donnelly, (and also the current Graphic/Layout Editor), I am no stranger to the newspaper business or the Paulinskill Valley community. I was a 20+ year resident of Hardwick Township prior to moving to the Delaware Water Gap area in 2007. Most people know me from the years I spent from 2003 to 2007 reporting local news and feature stories and selling ads for the former North Warren News.

There has been a definite void left as a result of the North Warren News leaving the local vicinity. The Paulinskill Vallley Chronicle is here to fill that void and serve the local community with honesty and integrity, bringing news and information to your home. In fact, this is our Mission Statement which can be found on the masthead of our paper for all to see. We stand by our words and swear to uphold the reporting of news and events throughout the Paulinskill Valley and surrounding areas with absolutely no hidden agendas. We are an independent local hometown newspaper delighted to be serving the needs of the community. Since the launch of our first issue back in November 2009, we have been working diligently towards improving publication, expanding our footprint, pounding the pavement, meeting with everyone, selling ads and gathering newsworthy information for publication. We publish every two weeks. The paper is a free full sized paper supported solely by advertisements. This newspaper has no affiliation whatsoever with any other newspaper publications from anywhere else. The paper gets its name from the Paulins Kill as it meanders its way throughout the surrounding townships of the valley on its way to the Delaware Water Gap. Living on Paulinskill Rd in Hardwick along the river for so many years, I always felt peace and tranquility from the river which has not left me even though I've moved to PA.

The paper covers the North Warren Community along with surrounding towns in northwestern Warren County and also Sussex County and parts of Morris County as well as the Delaware Water Gap Area into PA. Some features of the paper include the usual sections for news, letters to the editor, sports, local meetings, a what's up page, classified ads, obituaries, births, weddings, engagements, graduations, etc and other announcements. Other sections feature local events, pet tips and photos, a column with a wellness perspective, school happenings, library activities/programs and some fun items - puzzles, cartoons and other light hearted items. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

With the office located at 11 Main Street in the village area of Blairstown, the Paulinskill Valley Chronicle is easily accessible to everyone.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to make an appointment with you! Press releases are always welcome. If we are not in, simply slip what you have for us through the door mail slot and we will be sure to get it! Please email us at or or give us a call at 908-362-0066 or call our cell at 908-872-9393.

Thank You!

BeverlyAnn T. Donnelly, Editor

Owner/Editor The Paulinskill Valley Chronicle